Who Am I??


I completed my BFA at the University of Calgary (August 2007) with a specialization in drawing and printmaking. I went to Ontario and completed my B.ed (April 2009) at the University of Western Ontario. That is me on paper.

I consider myself to be an artist AND an educator and I feel that education and pedagogy are basically inseparable from my artistic practice. I am a life long learner and try to instill the same voracity for knowledge in my students and a willingness to take creative risks. I am always telling them that you can’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results (doing so is actually a symptom of insanity).

I am interested in the transience of memory and the innocence of childhood. A lot of my work has elements of the domestic; artifacts like clothes, furniture or even eating utensils. About 6 months ago, I built a light box to expose screens more efficiently and this has changed my practice very much. I can now make prints with more colours and more accurate registration. I have recently been experimenting with acrylic painting and incorporating the art of screen-printing into painted works.

In my experimentation (again with the life long learning) with printed elements in painted works, I created a series of acrylic paintings that feature humans with animal traits or characteristics. The concept came from children’s tendency to anthropomorphize animals. The paintings are a reversal of this notion. This series of acrylic paintings led me to begin painting in watercolour, which it happens, I was teaching at the time. In the process of getting the students to understand the delicate nature of the media, I recognized that it would be a more appropriate media for my current work. This is a perfect example of how artistic practice is influenced by pedagogy.

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