The Purpose of Art.

I had a good discussion with a student about the purpose of art. He wanted to do portrait of, wait for it… Sponge Bob, for his independent project. I usually am not a fan of using other people’s cartoons as your own art project – it’s basically plagarism. From here, the student and I began talking about the purpose of the cartoon, “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” We decided together that the purpose was to make people laugh. He set out to make people laugh with his independent project as well and decided to do a little switching up with his cartoon characters. He and I went on to analyze the reasons that Sponge Bob is funny.

One of them was the fact that he is a square kitchen sponge instead of an ocean sponge – all of the other characters are ocean creatures (except the squirrel). Another element of humor is the fact that he needs square pants because he is a kitchen sponge. The student decided that he would use Sponge Bob’s square pants and put them on aother square shaped character – Domo. The purpose of this piece being humor and to make people think. This piece had many kids talking when it was later displayed. What would this new character be called? Domo Square Pants?

Deep conversation topics!


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