Thank You Robert Kelly

I was never taught how to properly draw using perspective until I was in my third year of my Bachelor of Fine Arts. The professor who finally taught me was Dr. Robert Kelly – professor of Arts Education at the University of Calgary. The course was an Art Education course and to teach us how to teach students, he taught us some fool proof ways to explain certian concepts to someone learning how to make art.

One of the fool proof ways of explaining was how to explain perspective. He told us that perspective is how you know you can still go to Banff – it’s not a city made for ants – even when you see how small it is when you are looking down the trans Canada highway. Perspective makes things far away look smaller and things closer up look bigger. He had us draw three boxes – one on the horizon line, one above it and one below. From there, you cand draw anything!

After this experience, I always include a few lessons on two point perspective. My favourite is to have the kids create fantasy cities with objects on, above and below the horizon line. Another successful activity to do when the weather is nice is to have students go outside and draw a building using two point perspective.

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