Street Art in the Junior High Classroom

This is my favourite introduction project. When faced with a new classroom of students, I like to have them write their name in Graffiti lettering. This is a great first project because it requires very little supplies and the kids go crazy for graffiti. I show them on the white board how to map the letters on their page so they all fit and finally a demonstration on how to make the letters look three dimensional – for which I once had a student stand up and clap for me (and not even in a scarcastic way). Once the letters are all mapped out and 3D-ized, they can choose to colour or shade in any way they see fit. I always include a disclaimer at the beginning – just beasue we are talking about it in art doesn’t mean you should go do it in the community!

IMG_0828I also use a power point presentation on my smartboard that goes through the history of Graffiti. It shows the work of Keith Harring, Banksy and even Sheppard Fairey – whose clothing the kids are all wearing these days. The power point presentation is linked below.


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