“Stag and Doe” (Paintings Appreciated by our Mayor)

These prints are done on swatches of fabric sewn together like a quilt then stained with acrylic paint. They all have unique fabric but the same stag image is printed on all of them. I ran into some problems making these. I found that once the fabric was covered with acrylic paint, it would no longer stretch. I had to do my best to stretch the swatches over stretchers so they could be hung and displayed.

Fun story about these prints: I was at a market collective street festival a few years ago (before Nenshi had been elected). He was hanging around the festival drumming up support and talking to the artists. He came over to my booth and asked me about the title of the piece. He said, “I can see the stag, but what about the doe?” I explained that I called the pieces “Stag and Doe” because the masculinity of the stag image is balanced out by the feminity of the floral patterns and fabric (the doe).

Almost all of these are sold – I have three left on the wall of my studio.


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