Mona Lisa Collaboration

I have been doing a lot of this collaborative art piece thing this year! For this project, students had already learned the basics of using pastels. They had tried out many different ways of using the pastels, like: sgraffito, cross hatching, scumbling, layering and blending.

I found a picture of the Mona Lisa, used adobe illustrator to trace the outlines then divided it up into 30 pieces using a grid. I then used the photocopier to enlarge each piece to be one sheet of 8.5 by 11 piece of card stock. The result was almost like a colouring book page of a small section of the DaVinci’s most famous work. Grade 8 students had been learning about DaVinci and the Renaissance and this was an extension of that in their option class.

We also looked at other tributes to Mona including one by Banksy, one by Keith Harring and of course one by Warhol. A colleague called this “Warholesque,” so the students must have been drawing inspiration from the Warhol piece we looked at.


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